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Reinventing the way we invest in Private Equity

March Private Equity, the Private Equity Management Company of Banca March, has strengthened its co-investment product offering with an International Fund of Funds, March PE Global I, which is accessible to a broad base of non-professional investors.

We offer Banca March clients the opportunity to complete their portfolios with this asset class and to invest in the same products as the Bank in a market context that is unfavourable for traditional assets.

It is a unique proposal, not replicable in the market, based on these four pillars: shareholder support, exclusivity, maximum alignment of interests and confidence in the strategy.

Our International Fund of Funds also has a 20% contribution from the Banca March Group, well above the usual commitment of other national fund managers.

This effort to get involved with our clients' interests is in line with our co-investment philosophy and our aim to provide them with the security of sharing the same benefits and risks.

Our experience

Our century of experience in unlisted investments allows us to offer our clients the opportunity to participate in the illiquidity premium available in the real economy by investing our capital alongside them. We have been investing in the most sophisticated assets since our inception.

Prior to March P.E., Banca March had already launched co-investment projects with more than 2.65 billion invested, more than 1,300 clients and an average multiplier of 2.00x since 2008.

million euross

Committed since 2008


Have invested in projects

million euross

Disinvested to date (average multiplier 2.40x)


Repeat in subsequent projects

Through the March PE Global I programme, we have exceeded our fundraising target, reaching more than EUR 250 million in commitments and more than 580 clients, which makes us particularly proud of our International Fund of Funds.

Having seen the support of our clients, we look forward to the next stages with great enthusiasm, convinced that we can offer very attractive returns in the medium and long term, on a sustained and recurring basis. Private Equity is an industry that is growing at double digits and we believe in democratising the asset class to allow all types of investors to incorporate it into their portfolios. We will continue to focus on the underlying and the international fund of funds strategy as ideal in terms of risk/return.

We seek growth for our employees, shareholders and, of course, our clients.

Be guided by Spain's only wholly family-owned financial group.

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