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Investment Philosophy

The International Fund of Funds joins the Group's co-investment proposals, which make up a unique and unrepeatable model in the market and allow customers to invest in the same products as the bank. Banca March not only gives its customers access to this asset class through exclusive products, but will also accompany them in the investment, aligning the interests of all parties.

20% of the fund's total assets come from the Banca March Group, making this product a unique vehicle.

Our experience

March Private Equity can leverage Banca March's deep experience in alternative assets through the various vehicles promoted by the most prestigious international managers. Since 2008, the Group has launched co-investment projects for more than 3,260 million euros, which have given its clients the opportunity to share Banca March's almost century-old investment experience and to access assets that are not accessible to non-professional investors.

million euros

Committed since 2008


Have invested in projects

million euros

Disinvested to date (average multiplier 2.20x)


Repeat in subsequent projects

A differential model

The March Private Equity team faces the next stages with greater strength and enthusiasm, after seeing the support of clients. The team continues to build for the future based on the fundamental pillars that make the project unique and singular in the private equity industry.

  • Family Bank
    It is the only fully family-owned financial group in Spain. It is the 4th generation involved in management.
  • Long-term vision
  • Solid financial ratios
    The bank has the lowest NPL ratio in the sector and solvency, LCR and DTL liquidity and coverage ratios are among the highest in the banking sector.
  • Prudent management

As a Banca March client you can access March PE Global with a minimum investment of 100,000 euros, which will allow you to invest in a restricted asset, while minimising the risks inherent in direct investment in a specific asset.

March P.E. offers you access to prestigious vehicles, which would otherwise be more difficult to access, with the security of sharing interests with Banca March, thanks to the Group's unique co-investment philosophy.

March Private Equity, with its new fund of funds March PE Global, introduces a new and highly efficient fee structure in the market, applying the management fee during the investment period on the paid-in capital and not on the committed capital, as is customary in the sector.

In this way, the interests of investors and March PE are fully aligned: in contrast to normal market practice, a large part of the commission is conditional on the success of the product, once the preferred return threshold is reached (8%).

This new management company was created with the aim of giving Banca March's clients total confidence to access the international private equity market through a unique fund of funds strategy in an environment in which traditional assets do not offer the desired returns.

March Private Equity draws on the Group's more than 20 years of experience in investing in this type of illiquid assets (with more than EUR 3,260 million invested) and almost a century of Banca March as a financial institution.

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