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Investment philosophy

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We share with our clients the benefits and the risks of our investment products

With March PE, we renew our strong commitment to investment and to the goal of achieving competitive long-term financial returns. True to a business philosophy based on the joint growth of all stakeholders - customers, employees, shareholders and society at large, the expertise of our team is fundamental to our decision-making processes.

Our conviction is that we can successfully face all challenges and opportunities thanks to our values and the way we understand the environment. And that is where we direct our efforts. To seek, find and analyse the best investment options sustained over time.

This long-term vision and the preservation of assets, together with the principles of commitment and value creation, are two of the pillars that define us. At the same time, prudence in managing risk-adjusted returns has become another of our hallmarks when it comes to guaranteeing solid and consistent results. We also focus on clarity and transparency when explaining our products and investment strategies.

March PE Global I is the first of a range of international Private Equity products that combine primary market activities with secondary market operations and co-investments. An international Fund of Funds that sets us apart from other entities and is based on:

  • Shareholder support.
  • Exclusivity
  • Maximum alignment of interests.
  • Confidence in strategy.

Committed to our clients investments

By remaining true to our unwavering values - hard work, integrity, demand, ambition and commitment - we are also able to face the most important challenges of the coming years with determination.

  • We strive to offer the best selection of exclusive products to our customers based on our philosophy of prudence, long-term vision and joint growth that inspires us.
  • Integrity in building close relationships over time. Our advisory model avoids standard solutions, based on a deep understanding of our clients' priorities and close monitoring of their investments.
  • Demanding in the search for profitability over time, minimising market fluctuations and ensuring the protection of equity.
  • Ambition to provide projects that offer an interesting investment opportunity and diversify portfolios.
  • Co-investment is our commitment. We share our experience and knowledge with our clients in order to pool resources with the aim of continuing to grow together. This joint growth is possible thanks to this alignment of interests. Our professionals identify opportunities that we materialise with investment of our own capital and that of the clients who decide to join a shared project.

At Banca March we base our business model on the joint growth of shareholders, customers and employees..

A unique and distinctive sign of this model is our Co-Investment capability: we give our customers access to participate in the same vehicles or projects in which our shareholders invest and, in particular, in the real economy.

Shared experience
Nuestra experiencia y know how en el análisis de proyectos de inversión.

Joint investment
This is the highest expression of commitment to you and your investors.

Long-term orientation
We establish long-term links with small and large investors.

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